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Snorkel -

a device/tube allowing intake of air
when submerged in water.

or -

an avant-whatever collective exploring
the nether regions between the groove and free improvisation; sub-aquatic observations of dub, jazz, afro-beat, krautrock and electronica.

Snorkel was formed some ten years ago by drummer Frank Byng in order to explore and develop strategies for improvisation using flexible line-ups. Taking their methodology from legendary bands like Can, Soft Machine and This Heat, they like to play unrehearsed extended sets in non standard venues. Snorkel acts as an experimental workshop for Slowfoot. Ideas and material generated through improvisation often finds its way into other recording projects.

The current line-up uses drums, guitar, trombone, analog and digital synths, vocals and various cheap samplers/drummachines/electronics to create their sound, generating loops from which the tracks are built.

Their intense polyrhythmic grooves pull in influences from jazz to african, rock to drum'n'bass, and drag them into a new context. The creative exuberance of the band is rooted in the joy of psychedelic repetition and the states reached when playing continuously and synchroniously; their sonic palette is informed by dub and electronica - live instruments pushed and pulled through effects filters, sculpting in real time a polymorphously perverse and unruly soundscape.

The first sessions and performances featured Frank Byng (drums,percussion), Lucas Suarez (guitar), Oren Marshall (electric tuba), Nicko Grosz (bass), Dean Brodrick (clavinet, sampler), Nicko Grosz (bass) and John Telfor (saxophones) in various formations. This culminated in a three day recording session which has yet to be released.

Further performances occured over the following years, most notably events staged at The Albany and other alternative art spaces in Deptford, South-East London - sharing the bill with the likes of Charles Hayward, Albert Newton, The Spyna Allstars (Pest), and The Hormones. Other musicians who enjoyed a spot of Snorkeling during this period included George Hadjineophytou (electric bazouki), Luke Wills (guitar), Nick Doyne-Ditmas (bass, cornet), Charles Stuart and 129.

With the arrival of Tom Marriott and Ben Cowen the current line-up took shape, and in the summer of 2005 started playing gigs, art shows and studio events around London before entering the recording studio to record an album - 'Glass Darkly' for which they were joined by guitarist Lucas Suarez.

They have since playing gigs at festivals such as Venn, Meze and Sonic Boom and at venues and clubs across the UK and in London - The Thekla, The Spitz, Darkstar at The Dogstar, The George Tavern, Freenoise etc...

In between recording a new album and Ep they have remixed for Robert Logan and Slovo.

the current line-up -

Frank Byng, Ben Cowen, Roberto Sassi, Tom Marriott and... sometimes Ralph Cumbers [aka Bass Clef], Charles Stuart and 129.


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