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Following on from his much lauded “Dust EP”, released in late 2010 (gathering along the way plaudits from The Fader, The Wire, Clash, Future Sequence, Electronic Beats etc…) and a slew of engaging and playful live shows, Crewdson has been hailed as one to watch amongst his ‘post dubstep’ peers, “…blowing Jazz and glitch into the vessels sails”. An effortless blend of skewed electronics, Jazz inflected harmony and concrete Soul, 'Gravity' shows the many layers of Hugh ‘Crewdson’ Jones in one tight, beautifully produced sonic adventure playground.

“Starting Out on the Wrong Foot” sets out his stall…choppy beats, stabbed chords and his trademark collage of treated percussion and found sound, “matching a knowledge of what works on the dancefloor with some skewed melodics”. Your head keeps ringing into “Trapdoor”, a sensual marriage of 2-step rhythms and his queasy Soul styled vocal manipulations. “Electric Wing” starts with the sound of live earth morphing into a throbbing bass line, topped with some experimental electronics, warped vocals and beautifully performed sax arrangements. More emotionally weighty material comes in the form of the dusky tones of “To A New Day”, the beautiful midnight epic “Cascade” and the crack-of-dawn frenzy of “Full Force Shuffle”.


"A fantastic debut from the London-based producer, full of intriguing promise." [BBC]

"Eleven fantastic post-dubstep/micro-house tracks from Matthew Herbert's tech assistant and fine south-east London producer Crewdson" [Time Out]

" 'Gravity' is a wonderful achievement. A sensual marriage of skippy 2-step rhythms, throbbing bass and delicate arrangements. Crewdson is moving bass music beyond its post-dubstep moniker." [Clash]

"Yeah, that's nicely different from Crewdson, 'Electric Wing' on an album to watch out for called 'Gravity'." [Gilles Peterson, Radio 1]

"Simply put, this is brilliant and highly recommended" [Future Sequence]

"Gravity establishes Hugh Jones as a beatsmith on par with any of his contemporaries mining the fertile soil around the edges of modern soul, dubstep and esoteric electronica." [Cyclic Defrost]

"Crewdson is a fresh UK producer soon to be inducted into the Hall of Precious Electronic Sounds, particularly following the release of his debut LP, Gravity." [XLR8R]

"The album is great hodgepodge of crafted songs by Crewdson that only solidifies his stand-out talent amongst his peers." [Planet Notion]

"a fantastic debut album... ... I implore you to check this guy out." [Igloo]

"At times, this music sounds like a broken nineties UK Garage record mixed with a broken printer, mixed with a cat playing a keyboard, mixed with a poorly receptive radio."[Freedom Spark]

"Though there are obvious debts to his influences, particularly FlyLo, Herbert and Four Tet, Gravity does sound like the beginning of the emergence of a singular voice." [Muso's Guide]

"hugely danceable and yet intrinsically exploratory." [Crack In The Road]

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